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The AlfaSpid Rotator is a medium to heavy duty antenna rotator in the same general class as the HyGain TailTwister or Yaesu G-1000/2800 but with advanced digital features. It is priced well under these and other competing rotators. Mechanical complexity is reduced to a minimum by utilizing a simple double worm gear drive system. Position readout is sensed by a magnetic reed switch. The controller has a full complement of features, including digital readout. Controller features may be upgraded in the future with a plug in PROM.
Rotating torque is in the 1,400 to over 3,200 lb-inch range, with between 12 and 24 volts to the motor. The 24 volt measured torque is 3,240 lb-inches (366 Newton meters). This is significantly more than any other rotator in the same price range, and even higher than other rotators costing nearly twice as much (Yaesu 2800 or Orion 2800). Check out the rotator comparison chart below, and compare the prices.

Check out these features:


  • Low voltage - high torque DC gear head motor
  • Rotating torque/speed: 1,400 lb-in at 12v (120 sec) to 3240 lb-in at 24v (60 sec)
  • Quiet and powerful self-braking action with double worm drive reduction
  • Real steel housing and final worm drive - no soft pot metal or cast
  • Uses inexpensive 4 conductor cable
  • Sealed reed switch sensor technology for reliable all weather readout
  • 1 degree positioning accuracy - tight tolerances for minimal play
  • Rated for large loads even when mounted outside the tower
  • Designed for simple mounting to ~2" pipe mast - both ends
  • Adaptors available to mate with other common rotator bolt patterns
  • Coax can pass through center of rotator - prevents cable damage



  • Manual, Automatic, Scanning, and Programmable modes

  • Digital readout with 1 degree resolution

  • Large easy to read soft green LED display

  • Computer interface via included serial cable, including Hygain, Yaesu and Orion emulation modes

  • Low voltage DC operation from any 12 volt source (typically 2-5 amps)

  • Ideal for camping, DX'peditions, VHF/UHF rovering

  • Can be zeroed at any position to allow for installation inaccuracy or antenna mount slippage

  • Generous overtravel (+/-180) with electronic limits

  • Programmable limits ideal for side mount applications

  • Small front panel to simplify stacking several units takes up less valuable space

  • Optional mouse control with 6 user programmable presets


AlfaSpid rotators are of a high quality with Torque to spare!
They are custom made to withstand the harsh Canadian conditions.

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Dealers are welcome.
 Inquiries should be directed to Alfa Radio Ltd. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
   780 466 5779 by phone or 780 466 4956 via Fax.

Downloadable Documents.

AlfaSpid FAQ (167 K)
AlfaSpid Specifications (99 K)
AlfaSpid User Manual (764 K)

Pictures of the rotator at different installations HERE.


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